Dodo is the mother of obsolescence — It’s an engine for creating text adventures (aka “interactive fiction”, a mostly obsolete game genre) in BASIC (a fairly obsolete programming language) for the C64 (aka CBM64, a machine that’s been obsolete for 30 years.) So, I thought the name of an obsolete bird like the Dodo would be fitting.

But if you like the quirkiness and the ultimate geek factor that comes with a project like that, you may enjoy this!

Currently, the engine is in statu nascendi. The Download section will let you lay your hands on the engine, provide you with a manual and give you background information how to employ Dodo. Have fun!


Not the Dodo you are looking for?

There is a full-fledged programming language by the same name, but since it hasn’t been updated for the last three years and seems to be moderately obscure, I’ve taken the liberty of stealing appropriating the name.