V0.9 of Dodo released!

You probably have noticed — I have put the first “releasable” version of Dodo on the download page, and am immensely proud of it!

After all, this is the first time after several aborted open source projects that I finally have something to show — though this is of course still to be considered a beta version: I don’t expect the V0.9 to be anything like “final”. Rather, I present it as a starting point for “serious work” on it, hoping to encourage discussion of good/bad points of its design, and missing features, etc. which in time will lead to a fully-fledged Dodo (pun intended).

I also ponder in the long run a port of Dodo to a more contemporary programming language (I’m currently thinking of Squirrel). As opposed to the current version which is limited to the CBM 64, this would make it available and appealing to users of modern PCs as well — not so much because I believe the world requires another IF authoring system (I think Inform 6/7 and TADS are already pretty good at that), but simply for the fun of it.

But a beast like a “Dodo with Wings” would of course be far in the future.


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