Working towards v0.91

After the first beta release of v0.9, I’m naturally working on the next increment towards a truly usable engine.

v0.91, on which I’m currently working, has already benefited from that:

  • I’ve rearranged the scenario initialization code. Now the information for hooks is read before the data of scenario items. This might sound trivial (and even illogical), but it holds a big advantage:
    The absolute line numbers for data entries are irrelevant, only their order counts. While the hook code is placed comparatively early in the program, the data sections for items are at the very end. This means that now it’s possible to place the hook data entries side by side with the actual hook code, while until now the hook definition was separate from the code to be executed. This should make for more readable code.
  • Dodo now also features a rudimentary hinting system. If the author wants, Dodo will give the player a number of hints regarding particular items.

I also have a few ideas the implementation of animated characters. At a minimum, I’d like to introduce a simple conversational system in Dodo which lets the player talk to the NPCs.

Let’s see how this will turn out. October will probably pass before this is done, and then it may take a few more weeks until I’ve updated the documentation accordingly.


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