Here you find Dodo downloads and documentation.

  • Dodo V0.9 Manual and Reference — All you need to know about Dodo
  • Dodo v0.9 — The Dodo framework. Use it either as a project for the C64 prg Studio  IDE (see below), or use DODO.PRG standalone with the emulator of your choice.
  • Cloak of Darkness — A demo game written with Dodo. (Will require a C64 emulator)

Useful tools:

  • Never before played text adventures? — Here is a cheat sheet to get you going in five minutes! (Provided courtesy the People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction)
  • CBM .prg Studio — A full IDE to develop software for the C64. It is not quintessential for work with Dodo, but it makes everything so much easier and quicker. Use it.
  • VICE — “the Versatile Commodor emulator”. Unless you still have the real thing(tm), namely a C64 breadbox, lying around, you will need an emulator in lieu of the real hardware. VICE is one of the most popular, stable and full-featured of them.
  • What is the “Cloak of Darkness”? — Scenarios programmed according to the (very rudimentary) specifications of “Cloak of Darkness” are often used for IF*) authoring systems as a kind of “benchmark.” By demonstrating how various features of this scenario are implemented, scenario authors can get a feel for any particular authoring system.

*) “Interactive fiction”, ie text adventures